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Hong Kong protest Is Hurting Its Property Business

Hong Kong protest is Hurting Its Property Business

The recent civil unrest in Hong Kong has hurt many aspects of its country. The unrest initially started because the government is about to pass the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill. The people of Hong Kong worry if the bill will expose and violate their privacy. 

The protests started taking its toll when there are multiple casualties from both the authority and civilians. The unrest has made a terrible effect both for the country and the people. A lifetime trauma surely affecting the people, but what most important is what the protest has done to the property business sector. 

Hong Kong has been the staple of the real estate business. Prices of property in Hong Kong is said to be the most expensive in the world. Many people have lived in small apartments before the unrest even happened.

Recent news from South China Morning Post said that Hong Kong's real estate business sector has gone downhill in the third quarter. Malls are closing and landlords have to slash their prices to keep the financial going. 

Furthermore, this catastrophic event is worsening by the fact that the trade war between China and the USA is not over yet. The social unrest in Hong Kong almost made the country to its recession. 

There was no sign that both parties will end this horrific situation. But for what's certain in the future, is that if they keep going on like this, it will be worse for everyone. -(AKB)