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Tamansari Kahyangan Residence

A concept of residential that makes you can enjoy your life optimally, by combining the styles of living; Exclusive, Serene, Modern & Artful (E-SMART). Enhancing the harmony of your life with dazzling types of cluster, as well as commercial areas and recreational facilities that complement your life completely....

IDR 424 jt - 2.5 M
Rp. 424 jt - 2.5 M

Tamansari Lagoon Manado

Tamansari Lagoon is a High Rise project of PT Wika Realty in collaboration with PT. Filadelfia Family Blessing. Tamansari Lagoon is developed with a concept Mixed-Use Building, where a variety of activities and functions are mutually supported and interconnected together in the same building....

IDR 798 jt - 6.5 M
Rp. 798 jt - 6.5 M

Grand Taman Melati Margonda 2

Setelah Grand Taman Melati Margonda sukses dengan dua tower sebelumnya yang berhasil terjual 100%, PT Adhi Persada Properti kembali menghadirkan tower terbaru yang bertajuk Grand Taman Melati Margonda 2. Masih di lokasi yang sama, Grand Taman Melati Margonda 2 juga dikelilingi dengan fasilitas perkantoran dan kawasan komersial. saat ini apartemen kami siap huni dan okupansi kami 90%. ...

IDR 612 jt - 1.4 M
Rp. 612 jt - 1.4 M